‘One metre plus’ social distancing set to be ditched in June to boost businesses

'One metre plus' social distancing is set to be scrapped in June so pubs and cinemas can reopen fully but masks are likely to stay, it has been reported.

The social distancing rule is set to be ditched under plans to throw a lifeline to industries struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The move would allow businesses, including restaurants and theatres, to open properly for customers this summer.

Masks will still have to be worn in some cases to mitigate risks of spreading Covid-19, reports The Times.

There are likely to be strict rules on ventilation and staggered entry to cinemas and theatres, with audience members required to wear a mask during performances.

Restaurants and pubs will need to keep the one-way systems and screens currently in place, and customers will still need to wear a face covering when not seated.

But there will be no limit on customer numbers.

It comes after it was revealed only 226 Covid outbreaks have been linked to pubs and restaurants through the course of the pandemic.

Government scientific advisors have admitted the risk of catching coronavirus in a pub or restaurant setting is "relatively low".

A government source said bigger events like football match will still have a restriction on numbers.

Wembley Stadium will only be half full for Euro 2020 final on July 11 with the government reportedly telling tournament organisers UEFA that crowd sizes cannot exceed 45,000.

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The source told The Times: "If you've got 90,000 people in a stadium, it's going to be very difficult. It was quite ambitious to go to 50% but we've told UEFA we're working on a 50% basis."

A series of test events, including a music festival in Liverpool, are being held to provide data on how gatherings can be put on safely as restrictions continue to ease.

Wembley welcomes 8,000 fans to the Carabao Cup final clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City on April 25.

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The next step on the roadmap out of lockdown will happen no earlier than May 17, with the government planning on ending restrictions completely on June 21.

According to the government insider, the evidence so far from the test events is "very positive".

It comes after Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab hinted that face masks and social distancing could stay in place until after June as he warned Brits not to blow it with the exit from lockdown looming.

He urged caution in the "last lap" of the battle with Covid-19 as there is just a "little bit more time left".

Mr Raab told the BBC's Andrew Marr: "We want to get to a position at the end of June where we can get life back to as normal as possible but there need to be some safeguards in place."

When asked what additional measures might be need still, he replied: "It will be around distancing maybe there will be something around masks but I don't want to prejudge it."

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