Old rescue dog who can barely walk has adorable routine when it’s time for food

A dog owner has filmed his old pet's lovely routine every time he is fed in a tear-jerking video.

Reddit user My-Cables shared a video of his rescue dog doing "zoomies" – sudden bursts of energy – across the hallway at mealtime.

The US-based owner wrote in the post: "He can barely walk most of the time, but when there is food he gets the old man zoomies."

The grey and brown long-haired pooch is seen limping in joy as he makes his way towards his owner in the clip.

The user, who rescued the pooch about a year and half ago, said he showered his dog with toys, blueberries, and a little frozen yogurt.

As the dog got older, he realised the limping problem and tried different remedies to help the pet stand.

He said: "We have tried many different things, and found that toe grips work best for him."

The tear-jerking clip, which has amassed more than 14,000 upvotes, left viewers reaching for the tissues after it was posted earlier today.

Many said the happy zoomie reminded their pets' similar behaviour.

One said: "Oh my goodness. He deserves all the pets and so many more."

A pet lover commented: "My 12-year-old cockapoo/Dachshund mix lays down all day but god forbid the microwave start popping.

"She goes ballistic, like settle down Lilo, enjoy your golden years."

Another added: "I have a 15-year-old Jack Russell and his back absolutely does that see-saw motion when he runs.

"And with him, he's not just food-motivated; He's a food fanatic."

A third wrote: "Aww. Old man zoomies are precious."

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