Nursery accidentally sends out a list of its worst mistakes – to bemused parents

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Nursery staff accidentally sent out a list of their worst mistakes to parents.

The document was posted as a message on the family nursery app which is used by Welcome Nurseries, owner of Smarties Nursery in Endersby, Leicestershire, to communicate with parents.

The document detailed appalling incidents including one boy getting stuck in the loo and a toddler that was "left to sit" with faeces on his leg, reports the Leicester Mercury.

At one point, the message even stated staff "wouldn't be surprised if OFSTED don't turn up by the end of the week."

The document was quickly taken down and was replaced with a notice telling parents it had been posted in error by a member of staff at the firm's head office.

The admissions included a child attending the pre-school was found walking through a gate that was said to have been left open by a member of staff.

Welcome Nurseries said a receptionist spotted the child on CCTV cameras and was able to intervene before the child walked through the gate and into the car park.

The letter also admitted that a pre-school boy was shut in the toilet "for some time", leaving him visibly shaking and crying when let out.

It says the incident happened when a staff member was told to close the door to the bathroom to "stop children running in and out".

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One parent, who wishes to be anonymous, said: "The entire post is very worrying, but my child attends the nursery section so I am particularly concerned that a member of staff was using antibacterial wipes on the babies' bottoms.

"I definitely haven't been told about it and only found out due to the letter. We have to provide our own baby wipes so there was literally no excuse for them to use anything else, they are completely different.

"They have covered staff mistakes up and we wouldn't have known about it if the letter wasn't posted.

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"It's just a lot to hide. If they'd spoken with parents immediately at the time, there would have been some angry people, sure, but it's a lot better than keeping it a secret."

The parent is looking to move them away to an alternative option in the near future. They said: "The trust is gone with them. It's just left me not wanting to leave my child in their care."

A spokesperson for Welcome Nurseries has confirmed the management in charge of Smarties Nursery has changed since the incidents in question, and that the company was tackling the situation as a matter or urgency.

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