Not too shabby! Kirkwood forecasts Brits to bask in 71F warmth across Jubilee weekend

BBC Weather: UK set for mix of sunshine and showers

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Warm sunshine and a chance of a few showers are going to characterise the Jubilee weekend, BBC meteorologist Carol Kirkwood forecast. Britain should be ready to brace for 22C degrees despite some showers, sometimes heavy and thundery, expected to appear during the weekend due to a weather front now approaching Northern Ireland, Wales, and the Midlands. As we head into Thursday and Friday, Ms Kirkwood warned most of the country is going to enjoy some sunshine with temperatures set to hit 21C and 22C, particularly in southeastern areas of the UK. 

A few showers will be around, both today and in the next few days, but overall dry weather and sunshine are expected to make the Jubilee weekend “quite warm” for most of us, Ms Kirkwood said.

Ms Kirkwood forecasted: “The forecast for the Jubilee weekend is one of some warm sunshine.

“But there will also be some showers and some of those will be heavy and thundery downpours, so if you’re having a garden party yourself or a street party, do bear that in mind.

“Overall, it’s not looking too shabby for most.”

Referring to today’s weather forecast, she added: “We’ve got low pressure out towards the east.

“High pressure trying to build in and a weather front just sinking in across Northern Ireland, Wales, and the Midlands.

“Currently, that is producing some rain in Wales and Midland.

“That is going to be sinking southeast through the course of the day, weakening and turning more showery.

“Many of us starting off on a chilly note, but also a dry one, but there are some showers around and we will see further showers developing through the day, some of which, like yesterday, will be slow-moving, heavy, and thundery.

“But is should dry out across parts of Wales and also southwest England with temperatures up to 18C or 19C degrees.”

As we head into this evening and overnight, she forecasted: “The showers will fade, there are some clear skies.

“So patchy mist and fog forming and the weather front approaching Northern Ireland will bring more clouds by the end of the night.”

Referring to tomorrow’s forecast, she said: “We will see some rain moving from that weather front across Northern Ireland, a few showers affecting western Scotland and northern England, but for the rest of us it will be dry and in the sunshine, it will feel quite warm with highs up to 21C degrees.”

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As we head into Friday, she added: “We’ve got some showery rain moving across Northern Ireland, one or two showers getting into southwest as well.

“Away from that, it will be dry and there will be some sunshine around.

“It’s going to feel cool along the North Sea coastline and that’s because we’ve got an easterly breeze here.

“So top temperatures for you may just be around 14C degrees, but in the sunshine highs up to about 22C degrees”.

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