North Korea mystery: Kim Jong-un’s wife disappears from view – fears for health erupt

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Ri Sol-ju, 31, was last pictured by state media on January 25 when she appeared next to her husband at the Lunar New Year performance in Pyongyang. She has not since been seen at important national events.

During her last appearance, Ri Sol-ju was seen sitting next to Kim’s aunt, who had not appeared in public for more than six years after helping him rise to power.

But now, North Koreans have raised concerns over the disappearance of Ri Sol-ju after she was not shown during the country’s military parade earlier this month.

A source told Daily NK there are three “rumours” spreading throughout the country about her whereabouts.

Some citizens believe the “respected First Lady” is suffering from some kind of health issue.

While others speculate she is caring for Kim’s aunt, Kim Kyong-hui, who is believed to be in poor health.

The source said: “This rumour is the most prevalent in the society given that it has been spread by people with ‘quick access to information’.”

Kim Jong-un executed her husband, Jang Song-thaek, back in 2013 after seizing control of the country following the death of his father in 2011.

And reports say the Supreme leader grew found of his aunt following the execution and treats her as a “family elder”.

The third rumour suggests Ri is focused on the education of their daughter, who would now be of primary school age.

The source added: “This would only be true, however, is Ju-ae started school normally like other children.

“Some North Koreans reportedly believe that Ri, as Ju-ae’s mother, would naturally manage her daughter’s education-related activities, including those activities that focus on her role as the daughter of the country’s leader.”

However, some in South Korea believe her disappearance is due to the spread of coronavirus, despite Kim claiming there had been no cases of the virus.

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Earlier this year, rumours surface the Supreme leader had died after he disappeared from the public for weeks.

Despite the rumours being squashed, concerns over the leader’s health continued to spread across the country with some speculating a body double had been used.

Back in May, comparison images were uploaded to Twitter, showing differences with old photos.

The focal point of scepticism came from the eyes and teeth of the pictured Kim, which was compared with dated photos of a younger Kim to the snapshots.

The images released by North Korean state media showed his teeth were very different from published photos previously by newspapers.

The unnatural way the leader appeared to be walking and the fact he also had to use a golf cart to be escorted around also raised eyebrows throughout the nation.

“People are speculating that Kim Jong Un can’t walk properly right now because he might have gotten leg surgery due to his weight,” a source said at the time.

“Other rumours say that he rode around in a car during the opening ceremony because he couldn’t walk properly, while some say that he was exercising to lose weight but strained himself and had to take a long break to rest.

“There are all sorts of rumours.”

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