North Korea crisis: US told to ‘beef up’ forces in South Korea as emergency measure

Kim Jong-un was reported to be dead over the weekend by multiple sources. Vice director of HKRSTV Hong Kong Satellite Television, Shijan Xingzou, siad a very solid source told her the North Korean leader had died. Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai said the dictator was not yet dead but in a vegetative state and would not recover.

Asia analyst Gordon Chang told Fox News the US should increase its military presence in South Korea as a precaution.

Mr Chang insisted the US should be wary there may be a power struggle in North Korea if the reports of Kim Jong-un’s death are believed to be true.

Mr Chang said: “I think the US is mostly a bystander to events, as is China.

“The thing that I am sure that both Beijing and Washington are really concerned about is a scramble for power.

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“Where you have two competing factions in North Korea.

“One of them or perhaps both of them having access to weapons of mass destruction.

“Not only nukes but also chemical and biological weapons.”

Mr Change also explained the next steps the US needs to take as an emergency measure.

He said: “We have operational plans to secure the southern portion of the country.

“The real risk is China moves south and we move north and we meet in an uncoordinated fashion.

“China has done a lot to not coordinate, we have tried to coordinate with Beijing in this eventuality but China won’t talk to us.

“This is the big unknown and I think we need to beef up our forces in South Korea on an emergency basis because we could very well need them.”

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Mr Chang said the US would benefit from being prepared for any eventuality but China was making this difficult.

He said: “At this time China is creating provocations in the East China and South China seas.

“Our two aircraft carriers that are normally in the region are both in port right now.

“Right now China is in a very dangerous posture.”

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