Next UK heatwave is approaching as driest weather for decades continues

Temperatures across the UK are expected to rise again in the coming weeks, as the nation faces another heatwave in August.

In July the Met Office issued the UK's first ever Red Extreme heat warning as temperatures soared, surpassing 40 degrees.

The heatwave saw record breaking temperatures in both day and night, with multiple deaths recorded in open water as people attempted to keep cool.

Brits will look to be finding ways to combat the heat again as another week of scorching sun approaches, with forecasters warning of Britain's driest run for decades.

When is the next heatwave in the UK?

The Met Office have not yet hinted there will be another extreme heat warning, but have predicted another heatwave to start by Sunday, August 6.

Forecasters have said the peak of the hot weather is set to arrive on August 9, with temperatures expected to reach up to 35 for at least a further week.

Although it's expected to be another period of increased heat, temperatures are not predicted to reach the heights of the heatwave in July.

Where will the August heatwave be in the UK

London and the South of England will see the hottest temperatures, with weather that could reach as high as 35 degrees.

However, it is also thought that the 30 degree heat will spread throughout England and Wales, cooling into the mid to late 20Cs towards the very north of England, parts of Wales and Scotland.

England's driest days for decades

In July, parts of the UK had the driest month since records began in 1896.

With high temperatures turning vibrant grass into parched ground, wildfires sparked across the country due to the dry conditions.

The heat was so intense that overall, England experienced its driest July since 1935.

As a result there have been hosepipe bans issued. Southern Water’s temporary use ban will affect around 1.5 million people based in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight on August 5.

Dr Mark McCarthy of the National Climate Information Centre, said: "Areas further south largely getting any rainfall from isolated and fleeting showers in a month that will ultimately be remembered for extreme heat."

Farmers are also suffering from the lack of rain.

There have been reports of significant stress to crops including sugar beet and maize and while they continue to face issues irrigating field veg and potatoes.

With another heatwave on the horizon, the dry spell is set to continue.

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