Network of monkey torture exposed with people from UK paying to kill on camera

A network of sadistic monkey torture has been exposed, with people from the UK paying to see the animals killed on camera.

The sickening torture racket was uncovered by the World Service, which found hundreds of people across the UK, United States and other countries paying Indonesians to kill the animals.

Baby long-tailed macaques were filmed being tortured and eventually killed by sickos, prompted by cash donations in private groups which began life on YouTube.

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It soon moved to Telegram and police have now pursued the buyers, with several arrests already made in a group which featured hundreds of members from across the globe.

One such member, known as "The Torture King", spoke to the BBC about what he saw during his time in the group, which escalated to involving hammers, screwdrivers and "grotesque" torture clips.

He said: "They had a poll set up. Do you want a hammer involved? Do you want pliers involved? Do you want a screwdriver?"

He added the video was "the most grotesque thing I have ever seen" while likening the group to being "no different than drug money".

An anonymous former member of the group known as "Mr Ape", confessed to being responsible for the deaths of four monkeys in "extremely brutal" videos commissioned by those watching on.

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The phone was seized by the Department of Homeland Security as up to 20 arrests have already been made in connection with the Telegram torture ring.

Special Agent Paul Wolpert, leading the DHS investigation, said: "I don't know if anybody would ever be ready for a crime like this."

He said everyone involved should "expect a knock at the door" as agents were adamant nobody would "get away with it".

Police in Indonesia have since made two arrests, with Asep Yadi Nurul Hikmah charged with animal torture of a protected species and sentenced to three years in prison, while Ajis Rasjana was sentenced to eight months for torturing an animal.

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