Netflix slammed after expert debunks Harry and Meghan fake press intrusion pic

A royal expert has hit out at Netflix and its documentary about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after revealing an image of alleged "press intrusion" was "misleading"

The trailer for Netflix’s documentary about Harry and Meghan has already generated more debate than almost any other minute-long video clip in history.

Now more controversy has come in the shape of a statement from author and royal correspondent Robert Jobson, who points out that one of the photographs used in the trailer to represent intrusive press photographers was in fact from a pre-arranged and authorised photo call.

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It’s not the first example of a “misleading” image being used in the clip.

The tweet came hours after another image showing the Duke and Duchess being “hounded” by paparazzi was actually taken at a Harry Potter premiere five years before the couple actually met.

Jobson, Royal Editor for the London Evening Standard as well as several other outlets, wrote: “This photograph used by Netflix and Harry and Meghan to suggest intrusion by the press is a complete travesty.

“It was taken from a accredited pool at Archbishop Tutu’s residence in Cape Town. Only 3 people were in the accredited position. [Harry and Meghan] agreed the position. I was there”

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Responding to a suggestion from one commenter that the use of the photo was part of a conspiracy, Jobson said that the image represented “a misperception of the truth”.

“We were covering an official visit where [Harry and Meghan] had taxpayer funded protection and all the trappings,” he explained.

“This is just nonsense. The palace was not part of some 'set up'.

"No conspiracy here, just lies, and misuse of photos taken from pools”.

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While many commenters expressed their disgust that the “deceptive” image was used, just as many said that it had been simply used to represent the idea fo press intrusion, and didn’t need to taken literally.

One wrote: “Who said that photo had anything to do with intrusion of the press. You're conjuring dissent and grasping at straws”.

But another pointed out that so far only just over a minute of the documentary had been shown and it had already stirred up a hornet’s nest. She wrote: “Y’all are already shook and it’s only the trailer”.

Robson's tweet came as Gertrude Daly of Gerts Royals told The Daily Star that the upcoming Netflix documentary "will need fact-checking" as the couple "try to control the narrative".

"The Harry & Meghan docuseries is another attempt by the couple to control their narrative and frame the story in the way most favourable to them," Gertrude said.

"And like their previous interviews and such, there will need to be some fact checking."

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