Neighbour tried to save girl killed by dog after she heard parents screaming

A neighbour who heard the screams of tragic Bella-Rae Birch's parents as she was mauled by a dog says she tried desperately to save the young girl's life.

Bella-Rae was fatally mauled by her family’s pet dog just before 4pm on Monday (March 21) at her home in St Helens, Merseyside.

A young woman who gave her name as Jordan says she lives near the family and heard their cries for help as the tragedy unfolded.

"I gave CPR to the baby," she told reporters.

"My head is a mess. I heard them screaming for help and I ran over. The parents were hysterical. I've lived here for eight years but I've never spoken to them before."

Jordan, who plans to go to university in September to train to be a paramedic, said Bella-Rae’s mum was "devastated" and "crying hysterically" outside the house moments after the horrific attack.

Jordan told the Liverpool Echo that she had provided CCTV of the incident to police.

She said that reviewing the footage herself had made her relive the event, adding "everybody was in shock.”

Another neighbour named David said that there were “absolutely loads of police officers”, telling the Mirror: “There must have been about 20 police cars and ambulances.

"The square was absolutely swarming with them, I've never seen so many police in my life. I was just in shock when I heard a baby had been attacked by a dog. I believe the dog was tranquillised in the house with a dart gun."

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Locals said that the family of four had lived at the house on Bidston Avenue in Blackbrook, St Helens for around three years and only purchased the dog recently.

One eyewitness described the dog as “stocky,” speculating that it may have been a pitbull or a staffy.

Other neighbours reported seeing the animal brought out with a metal collar and rod by police officers. The dog was humanely destroyed following the horrific incident.

Another neighbour who did not want to be named saw the "horrific" attack unfold. He described the family as "lovely" and said the parents doted on their "beautiful" daughter.

He said: "They are absolutely devoted to their kids, they do everything with them, they're always together. It's horrific. I can't even speak about it."

The town’s Labour MP Conor McGinn said: “The close-knit community in Blackbrook and across St Helens are in deep shock after yesterday’s tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the little girl’s family, who are devastated. I know everyone locally will respect their request for privacy as they grieve.”

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