Needy King Charles goes zero to 60 in a flash and back down again – book

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A new book has claimed that the UK's new monarch, King Charles III, has a hot temper and known to be "easily irritated by trivial mishaps".

The book 'Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, by Valentine Low' has given an insight into what life is like for the staff who work for the new king, with former members of his household reporting that his temper was so strong, "he would go from zero to 60 in a flash, and then back down again."

The book also reports that the new monarch "rarely directs his anger at individuals" and stems from a lack of satisfaction with himself.

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King Charles, the oldest monarch to come to the throne at age 73, has been described as having a "ferocious work ethic".

In an extract published in The Times, Low writes: "Charles is a demanding boss. Working for him is not a nine-to-five job. This, according to one former member of his household, is because he is very demanding of himself.

'He is never satisfied with himself, or what he has achieved. People around him had to work hard to keep up. He had enormous stamina.' Another said: 'He was demanding in that he is always working. Seven days a week. Never stops'."

The extract added that "the pace is pretty intense" and that staff could expect phone calls from Charles at any time between breakfast and 11pm, with no let up at Christmas.

Staff have also disclosed that King Charles is constantly "working on his boxes, on his ideas, on his papers" and that he would expect the same "ferocious" level of work ethic from the members of his household, that he "would drive people hard".

The extract said: "He was full of ideas, always asking people to go and do things. The workload as private secretary would be immense."

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Royal insiders have also revealed aspects of Charles's personality, describing him as a man with "strong opinions" and having a "proper temper".

"He would rarely direct it at the individual. It would be about something, and he would lose his temper. He would throw something. He would go from zero to 60 in a flash, and then back down again. Things would frustrate him, especially the media.”

However, many have claimed that the key to Charles's success as king is the support from his wife, Camilla, the Queen Consort.

The former BBC royal correspondentJennie Bond gave her thoughts on Charles stepping into the Queen's shoes as head of state, saying: "Camilla knows how to soothe and calm him. She is his rock; the foundation on which his Kingship will succeed or founder."

The Daily Star has approached the Palace for comment.


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