Naked woman kicks police as she is arrested for driving motorbike in the buff

A woman was dragged literally kicking and screaming after police caught her zooming around on her motorbike in the buff.

The strange spectacle took place last week on a bridge that connects Vila Velha and Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, a state in southeastern Brazil.

Videos circulating online show the woman naked from the waist up, wearing only green bikini bottoms, a helmet and sunglasses as she zooms through traffic on the road.

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She stopped the vehicle at a toll booth further down the road and she walked with her breasts out, holding a plastic bag, until she was approached by two military police officers.

Videos from witnesses show the agents holding the woman as she kicks out at them.

At this point the woman's breasts are covered by a high vis jacket, presumably given to her by the police or toll employees.

The police managed to remove the woman from the scene despite the attacks.

No information about whether she was charged was immediately available.

In Title VI Article 233 of Brazil’s Penal Code, the law against sexual dignity, states: "Practising obscenity in public place or open or exposed to the public: Penalty – detention of three months to one year or a fine."

While this doesn't outright refer to public nakedness, this misdemeanour crime is most frequently used against people found naked in unauthorised areas.

The news follows residents in Manchester being urged to stay alert after a naked man was pictured riding a bike through a popular nature reserve in broad daylight.

The naked man was captured on camera as he casually cycled through a nature reserve with an "erect member" on show in Tameside, Manchester.

A passer-by was left shocked by the man who seemed to be making the most of the sunny weather while visiting Hulme's Wood in Denton on Tuesday (March 22).

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