Naked man arrested ‘after beheading mum who he thought was possessed by ghost’

A man has been arrested after reportedly beheading his own mother in a brutal attack because he believed she had been possessed by a ghost.

Eam Samnang is suspected of killing 65-year-old Hak Sokha after police managed to stop him taking his own life when they found him walking naked in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, on Saturday.

During questioning, the 32-year-old reportedly admitted slitting his mother's throat with a cleaver because he 'thought a ghost had entered her body and possessed her'.

Police spokesperson Chea Sovann said officers found him walking unclothed behind the International University building in the district of Sen Sok.

Samnang allegedly claimed that he would kill himself, but local police managed to disarm and restrain him.

The murder took place on Saturday, and local residents called police who found the suspect walking naked .

Officer Sovann said the victim's head was completely separated from her body.

At the scene, officers found a letter from the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital concerning the suspect's mental health issues.

The spokesperson said: "It is hard for us to say if the suspect has a mental problem.

"He has a confirmation letter from hospital, but it is strange that a company accepted him for work and gave him a monthly salary.

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"The work card is valid until 2021."

Doctor Nong Sovanrath, who performed the autopsy, said the mother had a dark bruise on her forehead that suggests Samnang knocked her out before allegedly decapitating her.

Meanwhile, neighbours claimed that they saw the suspect walking around the area naked one day before his mother's death.

They said Sokha had bought her son into their rented room shortly before the attack took place. A CCTV camera reportedly filmed him leaving the property through a window while naked at around 8.40pm.

The investigation continues.

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