Mystic who predicted Queens death makes Covid call and forecasts 2023 tragedy

A mystic who claims to have predicted Queen Elizabeth II's death has made a grim forecast for 2023, saying that a tragedy 'involving many kids' is coming.

Chaline Grazik, who calls herself 'Brazil's darling seer' and the 'seer of the stars', became known in Brazil after predicting that there would be an explosion in the city of Maringa in Parana, in the south of the country.

The 28-year-old even said that Brazilian footballer Neymar would be kidnapped after the World Cup.

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On the subject of Covid-19, she told GMC: "Unfortunately, as I've been predicting, it will be one illness resulting from the other.

"It is something that spreads because, as I said, human beings have not learned that it is necessary to look within.

"We're going to have to stay at home protecting ourselves against this disease, because we human beings haven't learned that this was God's design for change."

Among her other 'bombshell' predictions for the year to come, she said "a tragedy that could shock the world will happen".

She said: "A tragedy that could shock the world will happen in Rio Grande do Sul, which could involve many children and that is not good at all, because it is something that man can cause and it will be forever marked in the history of Brazilians."

Earlier this year she hit the headlines in South America after she called the death of singer Marilia Mendonça.

Chaline is a trained nurse, married and has a child. She said started having visions when she was seven-years-old.

At 17, she started having clear visions, which made her see a psychiatrist because she thought she had a brain tumor that made her delirious.

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