Mystery of diamond dad found dead under his own truck – and no one knows how

The family and friends of a dad from Yorkshire are distraught after he was found dead under his own truck on a slip road with no explanation as to how he died.

Mechanic John Brown, 54, went out to a vehicle recovery on Wednesday, January 11, before setting off home.

In the early hours of January 12, he was found under his truck on a slip road seriously injured, lying just a short distance from his home.

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An inquest has since been opened into the cause of death, but his family are still without answers.

John's friend and boss, Peter Mitchell, said told YorkshireLive: "He was an absolute diamond. He loved helping people."

"John had been working for us since April last year. I had his number on a little piece of paper from the previous boss of the company – and I remembered that I really liked his energy when he came in for an interview so when I took over I called him up out of the blue."

"He was shocked but he came in and started working with us and we all became very close. Though sometimes I feel sort of gutted that I did ring him up because then he wouldn't have been out on the job and this wouldn't have happened."

West Yorkshire Police believe John died between 10.15pm on January 11 and 1.30am on January 12.

Officers have issued an appeal for witnesses, and say they didn't believe anyone else was involved.

"We still don't know anymore about what happened at the moment," Peter said.

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"It has affected all of us losing John – we're a family here. We're all grieving. Sarah has been really strong – we speak every couple of days. Grief is a strange thing – I sat for ages before I knew what to write for the fundraising page but I knew I had to do it."

For John's family and friends, the wait for answers drags on.

The Daily Star has approached West Yorkshire Police for comment.

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