Mystery as young actress, 24, vanishes without trace – and cops fear ‘foul play’

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Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of missing college student and aspiring actress Elaine Park, with her family believing that the 24-year-old is the victim of “foul play”.

She spent the night of January 27, 2017 with her boyfriend Divine “Div” Compere. At 6am on the morning of January 28 she got up and left – her car was caught on CCTV driving away from Compere’s house shortly afterwards.

And she has never been seen since.

Nine days later Elaine’s dark grey 2015 Honda Civic, was found abandoned in a desolate area called dark Canyons off the Pacific Coast Highway, approximately 20 miles away from where she was last seen.

The car had been left unlocked with keys still in the ignition. Elaine’s keys, mobile phone, bag and laptop were still inside, as well as a quantity of cash.

While investigators implied to Elaine mother Susan that she believed the up-and-coming actress who had appeared in ER, Desperate Housewives, Role Models, Mad TV, and Crazy, Stupid, Love might have taken her own life, there’s little evidence to support that theory.

She said that while her daughter may have had periodic bouts of depression, there was nothing about her behaviour to suggest that Elaine was suicidal.

Elaine’s boyfriend did say that at approximately 4:00 am on the morning of her disappearance, she suddenly woke up “shaking and singing”. He believes Elaine may have suffered a panic attack.

At a news conference, Susan Park said, “It’s completely a mystery, unimaginable. How can someone just disappear without a trace?”

“We firmly believe that Elaine did not commit suicide, and she’s not a runaway,” says Jayden Brant, a private investigator employed by Elaine's family. “It’s our strong contention that Elaine Park is an involuntary missing person and that foul play is involved in her disappearance.”

Police handed Elaine’s personal items back to the family without checking them for fingerprints or taking DNA swabs, destroying any potential evidence that might have explained her disappearance.

“It’s suspicious in the way that we found her car, her cell phone and things, in the manner we did,” Glendale Police Sgt. Robert William told Dateline.

“We can’t rule foul play in or out because plain and simple, we don’t have any evidence to do so.”

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