Mystery as family baffled to find royal python lurking in their tumble dryer

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A family was shocked when they opened their tumble dryer to find a royal python had slithered inside it.

The constrictor snake was discovered in the machine at a home in Southport, Merseyside, on Sunday, December 20.

It is believed to be an escaped or abandoned pet, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Mike Potts, senior manager of exotic animal charity BeastWatch UK, said it's a mystery how the animal ended up there.

The organisation was contacted by the RSPCA on Sunday, who are trying to track down its owner.

Mike told the ECHO: "Yesterday I got contacted by an RSPCA collection officer who got in touch with us to ask if we were aware of any missing snakes.

"They had been called out to a family who had found a snake in their dryer in their house.

"I think they were all a bit shocked by it. They weren't reptile keepers themselves."

Mike said: "We weren't aware of any [missing snakes]. It was an unusual situation on a number of levels.

"The circumstances seem a bit weird.

"I'd be less surprised if it happened in the middle of summer because we deal with a lot of snakes that wander off from having a little bit of access to garden space during the summer months.

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"But at this time of year people don't let their reptiles outside for good reason.

"It's very cold for a snake from a hot climate. It wouldn't survive very long outside.

"It's a bit of a mystery to me really."

The snake is described as being in a good health, which Mike said "suggests that it hadn't been outside in this weather for long."

However it ended up in the dryer, Mike said it's clear it's either an escaped or abandoned pet.

The incident is being dealt with by the RSPCA who are hoping to return the snake to its owner.

BeastWatch UK are appealing for anyone in the area who may know the owner to come forward.

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