My neighbour refused to stop parking on our drive – so I got their car towed

A husband and wife have been left raging by an inconsiderate neighbour who keeps parking on their driveway.

Reddit user u/MB025 told their tale of woe to the internet, explaining how despite multiple requests neighbour Lindsay just wouldn’t get the message.

She says she spoke to Lindsay “very nicely” about the matter, but when it happened again she got her husband involved.

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He had a chat with her next, and reported back that Lindsay had been polite and apologetic – she even shifted the motor back over to her own drive.

But the next day, coming home, the poster of the story said she again found Lindsay’s wheels on her drive, the Mirror reports.

Taking a more prickly approach, she said: "I decided to ask her what’s going [on]. Her: 'what do you mean?' Me: 'you keep on parking your car on our driveway after we’ve asked you nicely not to do that. Why do you keep doing it?'

"Her: 'I have a big camper parked on my driveway and it takes up a lot of space. There isn’t enough space to park my car'.

“Me: 'okay, you need to figure something out because you can’t park your car on our driveway anymore. It’s rude, and you’ve already been told to stop. If you do it one more time, I’ll have your car towed'. She apologised to me and promised it wouldn’t happen again."

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But then – again – when she and her husband got back from an evening out to dinner the car was found on the driveway once more.

Explaining what she did next, she added: "I told my husband that was it! Enough is enough! I’m going to tow her car because she’s been warned. We’ve tried asking her nicely, and she doesn’t want to listen to us.

"My husband agreed, and I towed her car right away. I also stuck her with the bill because it was her own fault. Now, she is calling me an a**hole and she’s p***** at me."

One person noted: "Three warnings not to do it, last one a clear final warning 'do it again and you get towed', and she did it again and she got towed.

"Unless someone else is parking her car there for her and not telling her, this is all on her, and even if that's the case, none of it is on you."

A second said: "You played nice, set reasonable boundaries, and communicated them effectively. Tow them, bill them, and if they give you a hard time, just reinforce the very same simple boundary: 'Nothing has changed. The rule is still: Don't park in our driveway'."

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