Museum asks visitors not to bonk as frisky people keep getting caught on CCTV

A military museum that has gained a reputation as a hotspot for opportunistic guests having sex has been forced to ask people not to have sex.

The Fort Gerhard museum in the town of Świnoujście, Poland, was part of a former 19th-century Prussian fortress and despite it being a historic site in the European nation, that hasn't stopped visitors doing the deed on its grounds.

After new security cameras were installed in the museum, the CCTV managed to catch several guests in the act.

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Posting on its social media page, the Coastal Defence Museum said: "Our guests are kindly requested… how can we put it… no ars amandi [the art of love] in the museum, please!"

The post kindly added: "We ask our amorous guests to be understanding – most of the exhibits in our museum are from many years ago and accustomed to entirely different moral norms – conservative, even orthodox and abstemious.

"Let's not expose them to discomfort!"

According to museum director Piotr Piwowarczyk, the 'dark corners' of the museum is what may be attracting the opportunistic lovers as they may not think they are under the watchful eye of cameras.

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He told local newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza: "In less than a month we have already had three recordings of lovers engaged in trysts.

"Visitors to the fort have various temperaments, some of them very conservative.

"We don't want them to be shocked during their visit by stumbling across a couple engaged in lustful antics."

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Piwowarczyk said to those who visit the military museum and cannot control themselves, they may be better suited visiting the local beaches.

Sex in public in Poland is illegal and those caught committing the crime will either face detention, a non-custodial sentence or a fine of 1,500 zloty (around £250).

According to the museum's website, the fort is "one of the best preserved Prussian military facilities on the European shores".


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