Mum tried to offer three-month-old baby as human sacrifice in sick cult ritual

A three-month-old baby was on the verge of being sacrificed as part of a horrifying cult ritual by its own mother, it has been reported.

Authorities thankfully managed to intervene in the sickening ritual attempt, with Mexican officials stepping in and rescuing the youngster before any sacrificing could take place.

The infant has since been put into the care of the Officer of the Procurator for the Defence of Juveniles in Mexico after a woman believed to be the child's mother attempted to murder him.

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She is said to have been under the influence of drugs during the attempted sacrifice, which took place on Monday (October 10), local media have claimed.

The three-month-old's mother has since been identified as Mayra Montellanos, 43.

The parent is said to have been placed into the care of family members after realising she was intoxicated at the time of the attempted sacrifice.

Montellanos has maintained that the incident is a horrific misunderstanding, allegedly claiming that the cult ritual is not what it seemed.

State Police (Policia Estatal Acreditable) had rushed to the scene of the near-fatal incident after an anonymous tip-off from an eyewitness to the alleged crime, who called emergency services at around midnight.

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The anonymous witness allegedly stated that they saw a woman dressed in black sat on a bench with a naked baby.

It is believed that Montellanos was carrying out some form of ritual that would have seen her accepted into an unnamed cult, but was apprehended by police before the sacrifice could be carried out.

Montellanos is said to have been caught off guard by state police, who arrived at the scene following the tip-off from an anonymous witness.

Police arriving at the scene managed to detain Montellanos, but not before she attempted to throw the infant at the ground, it has been reported.

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