Mum stuck in grim flats with rats, mould and ‘neighbour from hell’

A mum-of-two is desperate to find a new home after staying in flats which she claims have been blighted with mould and rats.

Natalie Kerr, 33, has been moved to three separate properties in Glasgow.

She is now staying in a temporary flat in the city, which is affected by damp.

Natalie, who suffers from fibromyalgia arthritis, lives with two-year son Tyler, who may have autism, and her 16-year-old son Dylan, who suffers from bronchitis.

Shocking pictures sent to Glasgow Live show a dead rat and mould on the blinds and the back of a sofa.

Natalie says she and her family have pleaded with Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) for a permanent home.

She has been offered alternative accommodation, but had to refuse as the flat was too far away from her family in Knightswood – whom she relies on for childcare.

Natalie explained: "They have given me three homes. The first one had mould and dampness and a neighbour from hell.

“The second house had rodents and the third house, a temporary flat, also has mould and dampness.

"I'm in a two-bedroom and I need a three-bedroom.

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"They are refusing me a move beside my family. They said they would give me a local move, but I haven't been given one.

"My older son has bronchitis and has had to stay with my mum just now as his headaches are far too sore."

Along with the mental toll, Natalie believes the current impasse is impacting her physical health too.

She said regular phone calls to the housing association have gone unanswered, while local councillors can't do anything to help because of the coronavirus crisis.

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Natalie added: "All I do now is cry. I feel like handing back the keys.

"I'm a single mum and each of the houses is costing me.

"I just feel like GHA stress me out a lot. It's not good for my health.

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"They don't care about anyone as long as they get their rent."

A GHA spokesperson told Glasgow Live: "We understand the tenant wants to move closer to family in Knightswood and we’re doing what we can to help her make that happen.

"The tenant and her family are currently living in temporary accommodation because Glasgow City Council’s pest control team has been unable to deal with an infestation due to coronavirus restrictions.

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"In August we offered her a permanent move to another home in the local area, but she declined this offer.

"She does have priority status with us, but her current circumstances mean we are not able to give her urgent priority for a move to Knightswood.

"Unfortunately, homes are in such high demand in the Knightswood area with only nine properties suitable for the tenant becoming available in 2020 so far and 2194 people with the same priority looking for a similar-sized home.

"We will however continue to support her to find a home closer to her family."

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