Mum of boy accused of setting neighbour, 6, on fire wants his family punished

The mum of a kid accused of deliberately setting a six-year-old boy on fire says the burned lad’s family should be punished following the release of a video that seems to contradict their claims.

Laura Giacobbe has demanded that cops arrest Dominick Krankall’s mum for lying about the terrible incident and putting her son Stefano “through hell”.

“Her child got to go to Yankee Stadium while my child sat inside in fear because of all the statements made against him,” Laura Giacobbe, 45, told the New York Post.

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“I want her to get arrested because I don’t think it’s fair. It’s defamation of character. She slandered my family. She put my son through hell. She put me in hell. I want her arrested for false statements.”

Dominick’s family claimed he suffered serious burns after being picked on by a bully while playing in his garden in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on April 24.

They said Stefano doused a ball in petrol, set light to it and threw it at Dominick’s face.

The incident caused outrage and support for poor Dominick. Bridgeport’s mayor hosted a parade outside the hospital and a GoFundMe drive raised the equivalent of nearly half a million pounds for him.

But a video that’s now been released by the Giacobbe family shows four children, including Dominick, lighting fires and kicking a flaming soccer ball in the garden together.

The film gives no indication that any of the other boys were picking on Dominick, who seemed to catch fire after kicking or stepping on a burning plastic cup filled with petrol.

Laura said Dominick’s mum, Maria Rua, was supposed to be watching the kids on the day of the incident.

“I saw Maria by the sink wiping the child’s face with the washrag and seeing the skin come off his face because she was wiping it,” Laura said.

“I was screaming to her that he needed to get into the [bath] because his leg was on fire and she wasn’t aware of that.

“At the same time [she was] making a phone call to the police department, stating that ‘the eight-year-old boy downstairs took gasoline, poured it on my child and lit him on fire’.’ Those were her exact words.”

The video shows the children playing with petrol before one of them sets fire to a football. Dominick is seen kicking it and then wiping the petrol on his clothes.

“He [then] stomped on a cup of gas,” Laura told the Post. “The gas went up his leg … it travelled to his face because the vapours were on his face.”

And rather than leaving Dominick to suffer, as they were accused of doing, Laura said her 11-year-old son Lorenzo rushed to help.

“[Lorenzo] took his bare hands and smacked the fire out of his face, or else he would have been running upstairs with the fire on his face because [Maria] never came downstairs,” she claimed.

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Police released a statement earlier this month saying they’d seen the video and there was no evidence that showed Dominick was bullied by the other kids.

“There is nothing on the video portraying any of the children deliberately injuring the other,” the statement said.

Laura said her family had received death threats, and cops had parked outside her home for three weeks as a result.

When the Post contacted Maria, she stood by her claims and called Laura a “liar” and a “narcissist”.

She added: “It’s all edited. It took a month and a half to come out. The Bridgeport police have the actual footage from that day or they’re supposed to.”


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