Mum jumped from window after welded into home under Chinese Covid lockdown

A woman sealed into her home as part of China’s radical coronavirus lockdown leaped to her death from a 12th-floor window.

The 55-year-old woman, named in local reports as Mrs Wang, reportedly suffered from mental health issues.

The apartment building in the Xincheng district of Hohhot, a city in Inner Mongolia, was placed under quarantine after two positive Covid-19 cases were reported on October 26.

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Local Government officials released a statement on Sunday, saying family members had contacted community workers on duty and called the local medical emergency hotline.

In it, they admitted that there had been insufficient support for people in Mrs Wang’s situation.

The building's metal gates had reportedly been welded shut and the desperate woman wanted to get out.

What's on Weibo reported that when Mrs Wang's 29-year-old daughter asked the building manager to call the emergency hotline, he said 'call them yourself, I'm busy.'

An audio recording of the woman's daughter banging on the gate and begging community workers to unseal her mother's door and help her went viral on Chinese social media.

The daughter shouted: "Open the gate, open the gate! I'm begging you, please," according to CNN.

“An investigation revealed that property management and community staff were slow to respond, did not respond properly, and lacked sensitivity to emergencies,” the statement said.

“[The incident] exposed the lag in residential property services and the shortcomings of community work, and also reflected the imperfection of the 120 emergency dispatch mechanism.”

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Over 5,000 new cases were reported in China in the week ending November 6, the highest since a spike in early May 2 put the country's commercial capital Shanghai into a brutal lockdown.

Christmas supplies of the latest-model iPhone were thrown into doubt after Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan, reported 297 new local Covid-19 cases in the past week.

Workers are now expected to remain inside the giant Foxconn factory where the phones are made, sleeping in three specially-constructed dormitories until the outbreak is over.

China’s rigorous “zero Covid” policy has led to widespread public anger.

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One anonymous mother posted a video online claiming that she was locked down in a warehouse in Zhengzhou.

She said that the terrible conditions that people, especially students, were being held in as part of the region’s latest lockdown had brought her ”close to collapse”.

She urged anyone watching her video to share it and let more people see it “to help those poor and helpless children”.


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