Mum gives birth to nine babies after doctors missed two in pre-birth scans

A mum has joined a select club of women to give birth to nine children – two more than expected as doctors had missed them in the crowded womb.

Halima Cisse, 25, from Mali became an overnight celebrity after the babies kept emerging to give a final count of nine.

Doctors had thought she was carrying seven children from ultrasound tests before the full number became apparent after the c-section deliveries on Tuesday.

Halima gave birth in Morocco where she had been receiving specialist medical care after being flown out by authorities.

Mali health minister Fanta Siby said: “The newborns (five girls and four boys) and the mother are all doing well.”

Ultrasound tests had taken place in both Morocco and Mali but they had missed two of the siblings.

Nonuplets are extremely rare and sometimes medical complications result which can see some of the babies not survive.

Mali’s transitional leader Bah Ndaw had ordered that Halima should be sent to Morocco for specialist care up to the birth.

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The Mali health ministry has said that Halima and her children are due to return home in several weeks where they will receive a celebrity welcome.

The first recorded set of nonuplets was in Sydney in the 1971, with two stillborn and none of the babies survived more than a week. Similarly in another case in Malaysia, in 1999, all nine of the babies died shortly after birth.

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