Mum dies of horrific 100% burns after sickening fall into fire-pit in her garden

A woman has died after suffering burns to nearly 100% of her body, leaving behind a devastated family.

Nicole Foltz had lit a fire pit in her back garden with her husband, Jeff, in a bid to keep bugs at bay while they enjoyed an evening outdoors.

But the night took a tragic turn when Nicole tried to top up the fire and a petrol can exploded in her hands.

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Jeff, who had stepped inside when the incident happened, told ABC: "She put another log on the fire.

"She poured the gas into it, and it ignited and blew the can up in her hands which caused her to run, panic.

"She actually stopped, dropped and rolled like you are supposed to."

Jeff explained that the Florida woman suffered horrible burns to the vast majority of her body and died three days later.

Nicole's 11-year-old son, Jeffrey, also suffered severe injuries and was hospitalised for 12 days following the tragedy.

Jeff added: "It’s just one of those senseless acts you don’t expect to happen in your family.

"Gasoline is not a joke when it comes to fire. You have to be careful or just don’t do it at all."

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Nicole's son is now recovering at home from second and third-degree burns.

He was thankfully able to leave the hospital in time to celebrate his birthday.

Jeff said he was by the boy's side "24/7".

Jeff added: "I never left his side in the hospital, which is difficult, especially because I feel bad for other children there.

"I can see how it is to not have somebody that can be there for you by your bedside 24/7."

Tarpon Tavern in Tarpon Springs, where Nicole worked, donated 10% of its proceeds to the family, as did another local eatery, The Bistro.

Both restaurants are accepting donations from customers, and a GoFundMe has been set up to help the family-of-six pay for Nicole's funeral, pay her hospital bills, pay for her son's rehabilitation and support the family.

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"The sudden and tragic loss of Nicole Foltz devastated our community," the fundraising page said.

"Nicole was loved so much because she truly loved life. […] Her radiant smile always filled the room.

"She was always there for everyone – there for every relative, every friend, every customer, every coworker, every birthday, every anniversary, every day for everyone.

"We will miss Nicole, but our memories of her are eternal."

Jeff said he is grateful for all the support he and his family have received so far.

He said of his late wife: "Just all around, one of the best, genuine people. She had a fierceness to her. Everybody loved her.

"I don't want to read about somebody else's family having to go through this. It's unimaginable."


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