Mum and baby hurt in horror escalator fall as pram somersaults to bottom

A horrified mum says she and her one-year-old baby were injured in a terrifying escalator fall at a shopping centre that her tot was lucky to survive.

Emma Chesters, 28, was attempting to take her pram up the escalator when she tragically lost her grip around three-quarters of the way up.

Her daughter Violet was strapped into the pram as it "did at least three somersaults to the bottom" in front of many horrified shoppers and staff inside the Next shop at Arndale in Manchester, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The mother said Violet has suffered two cuts under her nostrils, a cut on her lip and a bump on her head.

They were both taken to hospital by ambulance following the harrowing incident.

Emma, from Wythenshawe, south Manchester, said: "I was in Next and I saw the lift and there was a big group of women with prams so I just got onto the escalator.

"As I got about three-quarters of the way I lost my grip.

"We were going up it, I had my back towards the side of the escalator going up and the baby was facing out, she was looking downwards."

The pram reportedly "did at least three somersaults to the bottom".

Emma added: "It was absolutely horrendous.

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"I just could just hear people screaming, I just felt like I couldn't breathe at the time."

Mum Emma has praised the staff at Manchester Royal Infirmary for being "fantastic".

Violet is now safely recovering at home and Emma claims she is "lucky to be alive".

She said: "Violet was wearing a padded coat, had blankets on her and was wearing a hat and she was strapped in.

"The doctors said that could have possibly saved her."

A spokesperson for the North West Ambulance Service said: "We received a 999 call at 12.53pm on Thursday, December 9.

"An ambulance and consultant paramedic attended.

"A baby was taken to hospital."

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