Moment terrified 13-year-old girl plunges 20 feet from a zip wire

A terrified teenager has plunged 20 feet from a zip wire that traversed the length of a football stadium in Brazil after her instructor failed to clip her harness properly, footage has shown. The horrifying incident was recorded by her friends as they cheered her on and waited for their turn to ride the zipwire last Thursday. In the footage, posted by her father to raise awareness about poor health and safety practices, Malu Oliveira, 13, could be seen falling into the stands from a considerable height as her friends screamed in fright. 

A video shows Malu Oliveira, 13, standing on the back of stadium chairs with a helmet on as a ride technician makes adjustments to the back of her harness.

But after she sets off, the link attaching her harness to the zip wire suddenly falls apart and she plummets to the ground. 

The young teenager’s friends could be heard screaming and gasping in horror as they watched their companion hit the ground. 

Malu, fortunately, escaped serious injury, with Accident & Emergency medics treating her for cuts and scrapes to her left leg, left arm, chest and abdomen. 

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A photograph taken in the aftermath shows a painful-looking black bruise on her leg.

Malu’s dad, journalist Ale Oliveira, posted the video online on January 17 in a bid to draw attention to the dangers posed by careless attitudes to safety.

Reflecting on his feelings following the incident, he wrote: “Since then, I’ve tried to take care of Malu, my only daughter, the love of my life.

“And I also thought about whether to post the video or not. This decision was a cry against irresponsibility, impunity, against the lack of care for the lives of others.

“In my mind, Mineirão, when placing a product like this, has to be 110 percent safe. From what we saw, this is not what happened. 

“For me, the Mineirão, for accommodating an adventure experience in which you don’t have security, is largely responsible. 

He added that his daughter is “very hurt, with many bruises, but she is safe”. 

The 13-year-old has already been discharged from Hospital Jaoa 23, where she was rushed to following the incident. 

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In a statement from the football stadium, they said the accident was “regrettable” but that they put it down to “human error” as opposed to any fault with the attraction. 

They said: “The Mineirão, MXP — the company contracting the zip line — and Nerea, the company responsible for operating the zip line, regret the accident that occurred on Thursday (12), at the stadium. 

“The visitor promptly received medical attention at the Mineirão and she was referred to Hospital João XXIII, which diagnosed mild abrasions without fracture, and was released on the same day.

“The expertise carried out identified human error in the operation. The Mineirão immediately ended the zipline activity at the stadium.

“Mineirão, MXP and Nerea reiterate that they provided full support to the visitor and her family and remain at the disposal of those involved.”

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