Moment man makes two young children pose for photo on top of 150ft cliffs

Heart-in-mouth photos show a dad posing his kids in front of a camera on the terrifying cliff edge made famous by Broadchurch.

A little girl can be seen young girl dangling her legs off the 150ft drop in Dorset on Saturday, beside a young boy believed to be her brother.

Images of the daring family taken from the beach below at West Bay sparked a firm warning from the Coastguard which questioned if a seaside snap was worth risking life for.

Jake Lanning, of West Bay Coastguard, said: "The Jurassic Coast is a beautiful place to come and visit and we understand the desire to want to capture that picture-perfect moment.

"We have seen many instances over the years of individuals and families putting themselves at needless risk trying to take that perfect photo, but these images represent one of the most severe examples.

"You have to ask the question: 'What photograph is worth risking your life, or the lives of your loved ones?'

"Our advice remains very simple: Stay well away from the edge of the cliff, keep your loved ones close and your dogs on a lead.

"Make sensible decisions and take home only happy memories."

Since ITV drama Broadchurch, starring David Tenant featured the towering sandstone cliffs, warning signs have multiplied to keep visitors away from the edge.

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Mazz Blehs, 57, a landlady from Bournemouth was enjoying a day out with her husband when he alerted her to the family on the cliff.

She said: "My husband spotted them first with his binoculars and said 'look at that'.

"I couldn't believe it.

"The man positioned the young girl and boy on the cliff edge for the photo."She even had her feet dangling over the edge.

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"I think the girl must have been seven or eight years old but the boy looked about three."

Less than a mile away along the Jurassic Coast at Burton Bradstock, a colossal 800-tonne rockfall came crashing down from the cliffs in August.

The thought of one of the children slipping was enough to make Mazz feel uneasy, she said.

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Mazz added: "It was so dangerous I felt ill looking at it.

"There have been rockfalls lately and I feared the worst.

"After he took the photo they went before anyone had the chance to approach them.

"The man should really have known better and there are signs up telling people to stay away from the cliffs. I was shocked."

A dog and a woman were also seen standing perilously close to the edge.

Charlotte Blackman, 22, was crushed to death in 2012 tourist after walking under the cliffs at nearby Burton Bradstock when a huge landslide occurred above her.

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