Moment cowboy lassoes loose cow on busy road after intense highway chase

A video has emerged showing an unusual scene on a highway where cowboys were deployed to wrangle a cow on the loose.

The distressed animal was spotted running on Interstate 40 near Pennsylvania Avenue after it escaped from the back gate of a trailer loaded with cattle.

Aerial footage taken by Sky 5 News shows the cow running in full speed on the grass while a cowboy on a horseback is chasing right after.

The cow then runs into separate lanes on the highway, where two all-terrain vehicles come into frame and try to corner the cow against a fence.

At this point, the cowboy catches up with the group and is ready to wrangle the animal, but it squeezes between the fence and one of the vehicles, and takes off running again.

The herder goes on full speed and takes out his lasso, throwing it over the cow's head and yanking it to tighten the noose.

A man can be heard: "Get him, get him, stay on him…Yes!"

Kelli Payne, president of Oklahoma National Stockyards, which is the largest stocker and feeder cattle market in the world, said the runaway cow is not from the stockyard.

She said: "There was a trailer load of cattle being hauled in and there was a malfunction with the back gate.

"This could have been a lot worse for sure."

She watched the video and said the incident was "extremely rare" but praised the cowboys for saving the animal immediately as "it is important to minimise danger to humans and livestock".

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Black Igert, one of the cowboys who helped out in the incident, told KOCO News: "It was a little more intense this time.

"We were right in the middle of traffic. The cows were heading right into the Interstate."

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