Moment brawl erupts in JD Sports and yobbish men use mannequins as weapons

A violent brawl left parents and kids cowering in JD Sports when a "yobbish" mob began hurling mannequins at each other.

Three men were previously sentenced up for their part in the ugly fight at the store in Fort Retail Park, Cheetham Hill, Manchester.

A video of the brawl has now been released, showing a baton being brandished and mannequins and shop furniture being used as weapons.

Cain Gordon, 20, Levi Murray, 19, and another man, were all involved in the attack in the shop, Manchester Evening News reports.

Murray swings a baton directly towards a man in the store, before turning his attention to another man who used a rack of clothes to defend himself.

Their co-defendant appeared to throw a bottle of water on another two men, before one victim picks up a furniture pole that he brandished at Murray.

Gordon throws the furniture rack, and picks up and throws a mannequin – with the third defendant then grabbing the arm of a mannequin to use as a club.

The defendant swung it at one of the other group members, who had armed himself in a similar manner.

Several customers had to take refuge at the back of the store during the violent incident on April 17 this year, Manchester Crown Court heard.

In a written statement, the floor manager at JD Sports said: "This was the first Saturday opening since Covid.

"We were extremely busy and the store had lots of children in with their parents, many of these ran away from the fight, hiding behind their parents.

"At one point, a father is holding an approximate one-year-old daughter in his hands, as one of the victims brushes past him, attempting to move away from the attack.

"As much as I've seen fights in the past, this incident has left me shook up.

"It makes me worry about my staff and customers as it's not something they should be seeing."

About £4,100 worth of damage was caused by the incident.

Sentencing at Manchester Crown Court, Judge Suzanne Goddard QC said: "How unpleasant it must have been for these children and their parents to witness the yobbish behaviour you were involved in.

"There were children there who were clearly very scared at what was happening.

"Serious fear and distress was caused to these people in the shop."

Gordon, of Crumpsall, was jailed for 22-and-a-half months after pleading guilty to criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon in a public place and affray.

Murray, of Salford, was jailed for 20 months for the same offences.

Another man who admitted affray, received a 26-month community order.

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