Models marital affair exposed after husband sends sex toy for DNA testing

A scorned ex-husband claims that he has proven his wife was unfaithful in their marriage after he sent her sex toy to a lab for DNA testing.

Kumada Yoko, a Japanese model, singer, and YouTuber, filed for a divorce from her then-husband in 2021 following an alleged incident where she claimed he hit her in the face.

Her ex-husband, identified in reports as Mr A, had allegedly accused her of having an affair with a TV producer the same day as the reported assault.

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The 40-year-old from Gifu, Japan, has denied being unfaithful since the allegations were made.

At the time, she said: “I was assaulted by my husband and I contacted the police when I felt I was in danger.

"This is not the first time that my husband has violently acted towards me, and I have become scared when my husband returned home.

“I felt that it would be difficult to continue my marriage in such a state”.

But Mr A filed a civil lawsuit against his ex-wife, claiming that he could prove she was unfaithful and her “womanizer sucking pleasure device” is the key evidence.

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He says that he had her sex toy sent off to a lab and analysis found evidence of multiple human DNA.

He is seeking 5.5million yen (£34,500) in compensation.

According to reports by China Press, Mr A recorded his Kumada's conversations, suspecting she was having an affair with a TV producer.

He found her sex toy in her bag and concocted a plan to collect DNA from the erotic device.

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Mr A also hired a private investigator to follow Kumada and the suspected partner, with the investigator collecting the man's DNA from disposable chopsticks after they had dinner at a ramen shop in Tokyo.

Once Mr A had samples from the device and the man, he sent them off to an agency for comparison.

The analysis found DNA from multiple sources, including enough evidence to suggest the suspect had touched the device, according to China Press.

Kumada Yoko and Mr A were married in 2012 and have three children together.


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