Model bemused at Facebook catfishs response when asked to stop using her pics

A brazen Facebook impersonator left a young woman "totally shocked" with his response when she kindly asked him to stop using her photos.

Blonde beauty Yasmin Perry, from Lincoln, went viral after sharing the cheeky response from catfish 'Jayama Smith' on Facebook messenger.

Yasmin, who studied at Coventry University, told the Daily Star that she thinks 'Jayama' is a man from the way they spoke to her on the app.

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The model dropped a message to the impersonator, saying: "Do you mind not using my pictures, thanks."

But she was gobsmacked when the profile actually replied, saying: "No, I'm making money off it lmao."

The person followed up by using a derogatory term in a comment that hinted they had done Yasmin a favour.

"Someone called you a t***** and I backed you," they wrote.

Yasmin said she was "shocked" by the "audacity" of the person using her photos.

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"I was in total shock that they had the audacity to be so brutally honest but I also couldn’t help but laugh which is why I chose to put it on Twitter," she told the Star.

"I didn’t expect the response it got and since then I’ve been unblocked by the person using my pictures because he’s seen the tweet, he even tried to call me!"

She added that the person didn't make it clear how they were making money off her, but a popular scam is one where men are encouraged to follow scam links by profiles of attractive women.

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Yasmin shared the conversation, from Friday (July 29), on Twitter and got over 30,000 likes.

Offering a "follow-up" later on, Yasmin shared a screengrab of the conversation where the person says: "Please don't post this I beg."

"Went from cocky to begging not to post real fast lol," one person responded to Yasmin's thread.

The person, who was also shocked by the attention Yasmin's post got, said he woke up surprised at the fact that she was annoyed by his actions when he had "backed her" when people questioned her looks.


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