Missing collie thrown from car in crash found days later happily herding sheep

Two distraught dog owners whose pet went missing after it was thrown from a car during a crash were shocked to find their pooch herding sheep at a nearby farm.

Tilly, a two-year-old border collie cross-breed, was lost after he was hurled from his owner’s vehicle in a collision.

He was last seen sprinting away across the flat grassland in Rathdrum, America, reports The Spokesman.

Linda and Mike Oswald feared they were never see their furry friend again and desperately put up posters in an attempt to find him.

They searched for 10 hours with lots of volunteers trying to help, before they had to head home.

But a sheep farmer who lived near the crash site, Travis Potter, said he had been told about the missing pet so went to look in his sheep pen – where he found Tilly hiding.

Speaking to local news, Travis said a few sheep had gone missing from the family's land and he suspected Tilly had seen them running and acted on instinct.

He said: "It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, where did this dog come from, how did it get here – I think that dog was trying to herd.”

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Travis handed Tilly back to the local sheriff, who then organised the long-awaited reunion.

Linda spoke of how grateful she was to all the people who had helped her find her beloved pooch.

“I just cried every day,” she said.

“It was ridiculous, but you get so emotional over your pets.”

She added that she thought social isolation after coronavirus made people more willing to help in the search.

“All of a sudden, I think people saw a time to really jump out and help, even if it was just a small thing like finding a dog.

“There’s a lot of kind people out there.”

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