Mia Khalifa splurges on £2.5k wine as Pornhub icon pays tribute to Lebanon

Former pornstar Mia Khalifa has opened up about her home country – and it took a £2,500 bottle of wine for inspiration.

But she wasn't getting drunk on the high-priced bottle.

The 29-year-old ex-Pornhub icon, who has been on a world boat tour in recent months, spent the eye-watering sum of money on the wine because of where it was from.

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The wine is from Chateau Musar, which is based in Ghazir, Lebanon. It was founded in 1930 and has become one of the wine trades most sought after bottles.

But for Mia, it represents more than just a bottle of wine.

She posted on Instagram, to her 27.8 million followers: “My friends thought I was insane for ordering a $3,000 (£2,500) bottle of wine when I barely even drink, but this is more than a wine to me.

“This is a piece of history from happier times in Lebanon.

“Before the civil war, before the Beirut blast, before the economic destruction, before air raids, before the heartache and mass emigration, before the geopolitical and socioeconomic tensions, before the goodbyes and 'please send prayers and donations', before a lot of us were even born to know what a Lebanon like that is like.

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“It was beautiful to taste the aged white wine that’s darkened and soured a little just like the country where the grapes grew.

“But the aftertaste was what shocked me…buttery and honey like.

“Smooth like the warmth of whiskey, with long lasting notes of sweetness, just like the country it’s from.

“At its core, the Lebanese just want to love, eat, dance, and die peacefully on our beautiful land and be buried into the soil that grows these magical grapes.”

The wine was a 1969 vintage.

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She was so impressed with it, that she then made a whopping to what looks like the winery itself – although she blanked out the name of the recipient.

The donation, which fans labelled her an “angel” for, was around £9,500.

Mia revealed in 2019 that she is actually banned from the country of her birth.

She wrote: "I’ve been banned from my home country but I’ll never stop telling everyone who will listen how it’s the most beautiful, delicious, and heart warming place in the world

"I can forgive, hopefully with time they can, too."

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Recently she told the Sarde After Dinner podcast: "Although I never lost touch with my Lebanese roots, in fact, I feel like as I’ve gotten older and grown into myself, I’ve nurtured them more.

"This conversation left me feeling validated in my heritage.

"Imposter syndrome can be crippling when you’re kind of whitewashed.”

Mia is also banned from Pakistan, where her TikTok account was removed for "immoral and unethical" content last year.

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