Mexico earthquake: Horror video shows huge 7.7 magnitude quake rock nation

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Mexico now braces itself for further disruption as an earthquake hit the Pacific coastal state of Oaxaca. The 7.7 magnitude earthquake was also felt across the capital, Mexico City. Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have all been issued tsunami warnings as the huge tremor could cause a massive knock-on effect.

Videos have begun surfacing on social media of citizens fleeing shaking buildings, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Mexico’s national seismological service estimated the first quake struck Oaxaca at 10:29 am local time(14:29 BST) on Tuesday.

Witnesses insist they saw massive buildings sway as they attempted to exit on to the streets.

Eye witness and owner of an import-export firm in Mexico City, Francisco Aceves, who was on the 22nd floor of an office block, claimed his building moved significantly.

Despite the distance from the epicentre, those in Mexico City still remain cautious of further strong earthquakes.

The city’s mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said: “So far no major damage has been reported.”

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