Mexico cartel bloodbath leaves bodies strewn across street as military called in

Lifeless bodies were left strewn across the road as nine men were killed in a brutal criminal turf war in Mexico.

Shocked locals shared footage of the bloody aftermath after members of the Northeast Cartel and the Gulf Cartel opened fire on each other in the early hours of Tuesday, according to El Universal.

Soldiers and members of the National Guard have been called in to in Tamaulipas municipality after the shootout broke out in Los Guerra on the outskirts of Ciudad Miguel Alemán, where the cartels have clashed before.

It is across the border from Roma, Texas and where Televisa News reported that the two cartels are engaged in a turf war over drug trafficking and migrant smuggling routes.

It is not clear which gang the slain men belonged to but the violence came just 10 days after at least 19 people were killed in Reynosa, located about 100 kilometers southeast of Ciudad Miguel Alemán.

Most of the victims were innocent civilians who were apparently targeted at random by armed men.

President López Obrador took office in late 2018 pledging to reduce violence.

But 2019 saw a new record for homicides with more than 34,000 victims.

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Murders declined by only 0.4% in 2020 but have gone down by 2.9% in the first five months of this year.

It comes after reports that the Colombian Army has been accused of committing war crimes after some of its soldiers allegedly murdered unarmed children and teenagers in cold blood.

Accusations centre around a raid called Operation Berlin, an assault targeting Colombia's rebel FARC guerilla group in November 2000, according to reports in the Telegraph.

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It is reported that leaked court documents conclude the military "likely" committed war crimes by executing children and committing extrajudicial killings – meaning rebels were killed without any legal process taking place.

Reports from Colombia’s Forensic Medicine state 28 children died during the raid as part of 78 rebels who were killed within the Arturo Ruíz mobile column of the rebel group.

Many of the youngsters involved said to have been forced to fight for the rebels, who were no match for the organised Colombian forces and were overwhelmed during the military operation.

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One survivor told The Sunday Telegraph that she witnessed the army shoot her friends.

"I remember how they killed at least four minors, who were helpless," she said.

"When they were going to kill me, the officer arrived and chastised his soldiers for having killed the others."

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