Met Police investigating Russian war crimes uncover worst ever atrocities

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The war crimes committed by Vladimir Putin's Russian troops in Ukraine are "some of the worst" investigators have ever seen, according to the Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Team.

Since the conflict began there have been numerous reports of violent war crimes being committed by Russians including the rape, assault and murder of civilians.

The Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Team has said that they have already received at least 50 referrals from people with a link to the UK since the war began – and expect to receive more.

Detective Chief Superintendent Dominic Murphy told the PA news agency: "What we’re seeing is incredibly harrowing, beyond comprehension

“In not far off 17 years in counterterrorism, (it is) some of the worst possible footage you could imagine seeing.”

The Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Team is now working with the UK's Counter-Terrorism Command to probe into alleged war crimes.

Det Ch Insp Murphy also said that the team would be looking into whether the material and testimonies gathered could support a charge of genocide.

He continued: "Does it provide evidence of a war crime? Quite possibly.

“Does it provide evidence of other international crimes? Quite possibly.

“And then it’s for those prosecuting agencies that we provide the information to to make those sorts of judgements and decisions.

“We’re really committed to supporting the best possible outcome here and that is getting justice for victims and the best evidence.”

The news comes as shocking satellite images reveal what appear to be “mass graves” containing the bodies of at least 200 people Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

The images, obtained from US mapping company Maxar Technologies, back up allegations made by Mariupol’s mayor Vadym Boychenko.

Boychenko claimed that Russian troops were burying Ukrainian civilians by the hundred in order to cover up what he called “military crimes”.

  • Grim satellite images show Russia digging 'mass graves' near besieged city of Mariupol

He added that bodies had been left unburied for some time, but then “started disappearing from the streets”.

"More than 20,000 civilians — women, children, elderly people — died on the streets of our city from enemy artillery, aircraft," he said.

He said during a video conference that Russian troops were “taking the bodies of the dead residents of Mariupol in trucks and throwing them into those trenches."

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