Melania Trump FURY: FLOTUS’ anger at Ivanka Trump – ‘this is my home!’

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The title describes how Ms Trump referred to her stepdaughter and those on her side as “snakes” over their obstructions as she tried to appoint a new chief of staff. The upcoming book, Melania & Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady, due to be published on 1 September, was written by Ms Trump’s former friend and staffer Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

One situation described by the author involves suspicions that the former Trump deputy campaign chief Rick Gates was behind a controversy over plagiarism.

The issue likened Melania Trump’s address to the last Republican national convention, in Cleveland in 2016, to one delivered by Michelle Obama.

An aide to Ms Trump took responsibility for the scandal.

However, in the book, Ms Wolkoff wrote: “If Ivanka controlled Rick, and Rick had allegedly written Melania’s convention speech, did that mean Ivanka was behind that major faux pas/sabotage?”

The book also describes Ms Trump’s anger over a leak about a family viewing of the film Finding Dory while the country was in turmoil over Mr Trump’s first travel ban against some Muslim-majority nations.

Ms Wolkoff wrote: “Ivanka’s fingerprints were all over it.”

She added that the First Lady sent “a tirade of texts asking who approved Ivanka Trump – a White House staffer – to use the screening room, which was part of the residence, aka Melania’s domain.”

Writing about what the First Lady told her, Ms Wolkoff added: “This is my home.

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“Do they come walking into my apartment in New York whenever they want? No!”

Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s chief of staff, has repeatedly denied claims that Ms Trump spoke ill of anyone in the Trump family.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson on Tuesday, Ms Grisham said: “They’re a close-knit family.

“She’s talked about them many times publicly.”

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In the book, Ms Wolkoff argues that the First Lady made spiteful remarks against the First Daughter.

About the book, Ms Grisham said: “I’ve heard a little bit about this book. I don’t know much about it.

“It sounds like it’s just another one of those books that unfortunately people are writing.”

According to media reporter Yashar Ali, the First Lady was recorded by Ms Wolkoff without her knowledge.

Mr Ali tweeted: “In her book, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff quotes the First Lady making disparaging remarks about Ivanka Trump and some of the president’s other adult children.

“She even makes some negative remarks about her husband, President Trump.”

Of Mr Ali’s claims, Ms Grisham said it would be “unfortunate” if Ms Trump had been taken advantage of by someone she trusted.

She said: “If there were any recordings taken it’s really unfortunate to take advantage of somebody’s trust like that while being a friend, but I don’t know much about the book.

“We’re focused on the work we’re doing.”

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