Meghans real feelings about royal title exposed by body language, says expert

Meghan Markle exposed her true feelings about her title the Duchess of Sussex in her appearance on the Ellen show, a body language expert has claimed..

The Duchess of Sussex "giggled when Ellen used [her title] and placed her hands over her face in a modest cut-off ritual," Judi James said.

According to the expert, Meghan's body language gave off a "fun-loving, carefree and very playful version" of herself, The Sun reports.

"Watching Meghan’s body language here it so easy to imagine the years of conflict, controversy and heartbreak never existed," James said.

She added: "This is ‘Meghan Lite’, an apparently fun-loving, carefree and very playful version of the woman we have seen on first Oprah and then in active campaigning mode.

"It is almost as though Meghan is keen to outdo her husband with his 'joker Prince' tag here."

The expert claims that Meghan acts like her royal title makes her "rather embarrassed".

Discussing her mention of the title, the body language expert says Meghan "giggles when Ellen uses it" and "places her hand over her face in a cut-off ritual that seems to imply modesty".

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The expert claims that the Duchess had a change in "body language mood" when Ellen showed a more recent version of her Times "Most influential" photo.

"She adopts a less giggly and more assertive tone to speak about her campaign for federal paid leave," Judi said.

But the expert says for the most part Meghan uses body language "reminiscent of the days when Harry first introduced her to an adoring British public."

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The Duchess has been slammed by royal fans for appearing on a high-profile interview with famed talk show host Ellen DeGeneres during a worrying time for Queen's health.

In a trailer for the show on Ellen's Twitter page, which airs at Thursday (18 Nov) 9pm UK time, The Duchess of Sussex chatted about how she would drive her "very, very old" Ford explorer Sport to auditions.

The Duchess of Sussex claimed the key had stopped working in the driver's side door and she then had to climb across seats to get out.

The announcement that Meghan was appearing on the show has been met with backlash online from many fans who feel it is "disrespectful" to the Queen.

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