Meghan Markle ‘disappointed’ not to meet Kate as she was introduced to William

Meghan Markle expected a “grilling” from Prince William during their first meeting and was "disappointed" not to see Kate Middleton, according to the Finding Freedom authors.

Prince Harry first introduced Meghan to Wills at Kensington Palace in November 2016, a few months into their relationship.

The Duchess of Cambridge was in Norfolk with kids George, Charlotte and Louis, leaving the Duke of Cambridge to make pleasantries, Mirror Online reports.

Authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand write in Finding Freedom: "As she walked up the seven freshly jet-washed concrete steps to Apartment 1A with Harry, she wasn't thinking about meeting the future king of England but her boyfriend's older brother, and one famously protective of his younger one, who had experienced more than his fair share of emotional wounds."

William reportedly told her: “I was looking forward to meeting the girl who has put that silly grin on my brother's face.”

The three of them had tea in the Cambridge’s family kitchen, according to the book.

The authors added: "Meghan was disappointed she didn't get to meet Kate, who was with the children at Anmer Hall, the couple's Norfolk estate home near Sandringham.

"But having gotten along so well with Harry's brother, she didn't think much more about that.

"William had made his feelings known to his brother when he shared how happy he was to see Harry smiling."

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Earlier this month, Mr Scobie discussed Harry and Wills’ strained relationship and whether the pair will be able to patch things up.

He told OK: “In my opinion, their relationship hasn’t progressed since we left it atthe Commonwealth Service in March , but their father was ill withcoronavirusand they have had conversations with each other.”

Wills and Kate Middleton barely appeared to interact with Harry and Meghan during their final royal public engagement at Westminster Abbey on March 9.

Mr Scobie added: “There certainly isn’t a wall of silence, but how long it will be before they’re in the same room together joshing around, I’d imagine it will be some time because I believe there’s a lot of hurt on both sides.

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“But regardless of what’s happened, the core of their relationship hasn’t been rocked. That bond of brotherhood is unbreakable to Harry, so there’s hope.

“Some people I’ve spoken to have said that now this stuff from the book is out there, it could be a catalyst for change – it’s a more balanced overview and allows people to move on and leave some of these things in the past.

“In my opinion, time will need to do its thing with the relationship between the Sussexes and the Cambridges, but they don’t wantArchieto suffer because of this.”

Harry himself referenced the tension last year,telling ITV journalist Tom Bradby that he and William were “on different paths” .

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