Meghan Markle aide working behind the scenes to support her political causes

A key advisor for Meghan Markle has been pushing for her "paid leave" agenda to find its way to the top of Congress.

The Duchess has been vocal about the need to make paid family leave law in America, and, according to POLITICO, one of her senior strategic advisors, Genevieve Roth has been lobbying the White House to make this happen.

Ms Roth, who works for the Duchess's Archewell Foundation, has been advocating on the issue, in recent months.

It comes after Meghan wrote a 1,030-word letter asking Congress – America's version of the UK Parliament – to act on the need to make paid leave part of the law.

She then, apparently, started cold-calling US senators on their private numbers, using her royal title, to make the plea even more.

There are no details on exactly what Ms Roth has been doing, or with whom she spoke, but one senator, Susan Collins, from Maine, spoke of her shock at Ms Markle using her royal title in a bid to see the law passed.

She said: "I was happy to talk with her, but I'm more interested in what people from Maine are telling me about paid leave."

Last month, the House passed the Democrats’ multitrillion-dollar reconciliation package, which would guarantee American workers four weeks of paid leave to raise a new child, recover from a serious illness or care for a sick family member.

But it is being blocked by Democratic senator Joe Manchin, who is adamant that he doesn’t want to pass paid leave through the "partisan budget reconciliation process".

In Ms Markle's letter, while making clear that she is "not an elected official" or a politician – despite rumours that she is considering a future career in politics – she said that the "pandemic has exposed long-existing fault lines in our communities".

She wrote: "People in our country work incredibly hard, and yet the ask is soft; for a level playing field to achieve their version of a common dream – what is fair, and equal and right.

"Many of our economic systems are past their expiration date, and as you well know, too many Americans are forced to short-change themselves when it comes to what matters to them.

"In taking care of your child, you take care of your community, and you take care of your country – because when paid leave is a right, we're creating a foundation that helps address mental health outcomes, health care costs, and economic strength at the starting line.

"Instead, as it stands now, we spend a fortune as a country paying into symptoms rather than causes."

It is thought that, eventually, Senator Manchin will cave and allow the bill to pass, but there currently remains an impasse, despite Ms Markle's pleas.

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