Meghan has same ‘courage’ and ‘spirit’ as Diana says Princess’ ex-voice coach

Meghan Markle is similar to Princess Diana in the way they share the same “spirit” and “courage”, Lady Di’s old voice coach has revealed.

Stewart Pearce, a former close confidant of Diana, says her infamous interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir mirrors Meghan’s bombshell with Oprah Winfrey.

He said both women are “female empowerment pioneers” who set out to “speak the truth”.

The 68-year-old told The Sun: “There is a vibrational difference, but the point is that the courage, the sensitivity that it took to come forth with those revelations was outstanding.

“I felt that what Meghan was actually living through was the spirit of revelation, the spirit of transparency that Diana was trying to achieve.”

Lady Di’s comments to Bashir in 1995 rattled the royals – and when the Duchess of Sussex told Oprah of racism and a lack of compassion within the Windsors, it had a similar impact.

But Meghan’s comments did draw a lot more criticism than Diana’s, with some accusing her of outright lying.

Piers Morgan blasted the “deluded duchess” for “untrue, exaggerated or unprovable” slurs – something Di was never accused of.

“Diana was decades ahead of her time, she changed the world with hope, empowerment, kindness, and authenticity,” Stewart continued.

He also said the friction between Harry, Charles and William is not as severe as it may seem.

“Being privy to these people’s lives, the stories we’ve heard about the boys not getting on or disparagement between Harry and his father, is the stuff of all our lives.

“In Harry’s tone of expression we do not hear spleen, anger, revenge, reprisal and hear no form of disrespect.”

Stewart, who gave Diana private voice lessons, added: “What we hear is a young man emotionally excavating and having an emotional autopsy on what he believes the values of the world are.

“I happen to concur with his values. We are getting emotionally intelligent, speaking about the way we feel.”

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry withdrew from all senior duties as royals on March 31 last year.

They stopped using their HRH titles and say they are going to become “financially independent”.

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