Married lovers used secret ‘love tunnel’ between houses to keep affair alive

A married man dug out an underground tunnel from his house to his lover's to keep their affair a secret.

The love passage built between their two homes allowed them to visit each other's bedrooms without stepping out their own front doors in the neighbourhood of Villas del Prado in the northwestern town of Tijuana, Mexico.

The love rat bricklayer, named by local media as Alberto, was foiled by his lover Pamela's husband who saw him hiding behind a sofa in their house before disappearing.

The security worker had returned home earlier than his wife expected and began searching for another man in his home after becoming suspicious of an affair.

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Finding nobody in his bedroom, he checked under the bed but found nothing until he clocked Alberto crouching behind a sofa.

Bolting towards him, he moved the furniture only for Alberto to have vanished down a hole in the floor that had been hidden by the couch.

In pursuit of his wife's lover, the security guard followed Alberto into the concrete tunnel, crawling after him until he reached his house.

After they climbed out of the tunnel at the other end, Alberto is reported to have pleaded with his lover's husband not to spill all to his own wife, who was asleep in the house at the time.

Ignoring his desperate request, the furious husband allegedly marched into bedroom and revealed the affair which had been happening under their noses, Alberto's wife.

A fist fight between the two men then broke out until police responded to a call and escorted Alberto away to prevent any further violence.

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