Mark Redwine’s new trial set for January after COVID-19 scare led to mistrial

A judge on Friday scheduled a new trial for Mark Redwine for early January after a coronavirus scare amid attorneys earlier this week ended a trial already underway.

Redwine’s new trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 25, though attorneys and the judge will hold a hearing on Jan. 5 to decide whether that date is still feasible. It’s difficult to plan a trial during the uncertainty of COVID-19, attorneys said Friday during a court hearing.

“I’m really not sure that Jan. 25 is a realistic date, but we’ll shoot for it,” Sixth Judicial District Chief Judge Jeffrey Wilson said.

Redwine faces second-degree murder and child abuse charges in connection to the death of his 13-year-old son, Dylan Redwine. Prosecutors allege Mark Redwine killed the boy outside of Durango in 2012, though Redwine was not arrested in connection to the case until 2017.

Redwine’s trial has been rescheduled at least four times, including after the arrest of one of Redwine’s defense attorneys and multiple times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jury selection for the most recent attempt at a trial began Oct. 29 but Wilson called a mistrial on Monday after two of Redwine’s attorneys reported having COVID-19 symptoms.

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