Mans Valentines date ruined by Tesco finest steak that looks like dog food

A man has slammed Tesco for ruining his Valentine's Day meal after his own-brand finest fillet steaks looked like “dog food”.

Damien Scally tweeted about the sad looking chunks of meat, and said that he has “seen better meat come out of a tin of @PedigreeUS (dog food)”.

He wrote: “Thanks @TescoIrl @Tesco for destroying #ValentinesDay2022 with you so called fillet steaks. I seen better meat come out of a tin of @PedigreeUS."

The complaint was accompanied by a picture of the twin-pack of Tesco's Finest certified Irish Angus fillet steaks, which claims to be “prime cut” and “well known for its tenderness and rich flavour”.

The packaging also claims that the steak had been “matured for 32 days”.

The supermarket did respond, apologising for the state of his shoddy steak

Customer service assistant Calum tweeted: “Hi Damien. I'm really sorry for the poor quality steak you've had delivered, I can certainly imagine your frustration.”

He did ask for clarification about where the steak was purchased, but the user has yet to respond.

A Tesco Ireland representative also tweeted him asking the man to message them directly so that they can “advise further”, but this has also not yet been responded to.

The Daily Star has approached Tesco for comment.

It comes just a few days after a man's lunch was "ruined" after his supermarket's own-brand sandwich was missing one vital and advertised ingredient.

Colin McKenzie, a taxi driver in Edinburgh, took to Twitter to vent his frustration that his Tesco smoked ham and cheddar sandwich was actually just a smoked ham sandwich as it was lacking in cheese.

He wrote, on social media; “Hey @Tesco, where's the cheddar?”

His cheesed-off tweet ended with a crying face emoji.

Tesco did apologise for the incident, and told the man to return the sandwich to his local store for a refund.

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