Man with ‘sandpaper hands’ wants rid and can’t even go to toilet without pain

A Dr Pimple Popper contestant has shocked audiences by claiming he wants to cut off his hands due to the horrific pain they're causing him.

Throughout the duration of the show, Dr Sandra Lee has travelled the US, meeting all sorts of people with varying medical concerns.

Notable episodes have included her meeting a poor man living 'like a hermit' as he feels embarrassed by his 'plum-sized nose', while another guest carried around a bad smell due to a burst cyst. And now audiences have been taken aback by what they've seen in a preview clip.

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In the trailer, the patient said: "'My hands feel like 80-grit sandpaper. The smaller cuts feel like paper cuts, and then when I've got these bigger ones, they feel like actual knife cuts."

He continued: "I can't fully shut my hands without my skin just completely cracking and splitting.

"It's hard to do simple tasks, opening a drink, going to the bathroom, driving, using silverware."

The saddening clip pans over his hands, showcasing the extent of the issue, with significant cuts standing prominently on the surface and cutting deep into his skin.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the pain, he can't perform tasks in a conventional manner. Instead, for example, he uses his teeth to open plastic bottles.

He added: "They don't ever stop hurting."

"The pain is so excruciating that I feel like I would rather cut my hands off than have them for another second."

Showcasing their kind-hearted nature, viewers have flocked to Twitter to offer the gentleman some support.

One said: "'Am sure the pain is unbearable. This looks painful."

While another suggested: "'Sheesh! I'd just put my hands in Vaseline all day to avoid the pain!"

Skin conditions have been explored in detail on the popular TLC show.

In a recent episode, Jimmy bravely opened up about his 'crocodile skin', which renders him incapable of wearing clothes.

He revealed: "These bumps are all over my legs, my arms, my back, my chest; feels like I’m running my fingers over a crocodile. Waking up, I know I’m going to be scratching and whatnot, I try to occupy my mind with other things just to keep my mind off it. 90% of my body is covered."

"The worst part of my body is my legs. With the scratching and everything, if I don’t keep my fingernails short, I’m just ripping the skin, and sometimes it bleeds really badly."

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