Man treated like animal as hes left with £1.7k forced quarantine hotel bill

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A man has spoken of his outrage at being charged $3,220 (£1,765) for a two-week forced quarantine hotel visit.

Rich Alsop, originally from Hull, has slammed the bill from the Westin Hotel in Brisbane, Australia, as “totally nonsensical and unfair”, and claims they treated him like a “zoo animal”.

The 47-year-old, who spoke to Hull Live about the conditions said that he was not able to open windows for fresh air for the entire two week stay, and that he was fed like “an animal waiting for the zoo keeper”.

In-line with Queensland law, he must still isolate after his arrival from the UK, despite having three negative Covid tests and being double vaccinated.

He was planning to stay for three months, but must continue to isolate until a fourth PCR test comes back negative.

Rich said: “I fully knew that quarantine was waiting for me on my way to Australia, this did not come as a shock, but I did request an exemption before I departed the UK.

“But, when you get here the reality is very different to the expectation.”

His three meals per day are left in a box outside his hotel room door – these cost around £50 per day – and he has no choice over when he gets the food.

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One example he gave was that he was given a portion of muesli in a plastic tub – with nothing else.

Mr Alsop, who moved to Australia from Hull 14 years ago, and has dual citizenship for both countries, said: “It is literally like feeding time at the zoo.

“We're a bit like animals really waiting for the zoo keeper to come round to be fed

“There's no choice in the food that is basically issued to us.”

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