Man surprised to find huge three-metre snake curled up in his basement

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A man was shocked to find a huge three-metre snake curled next to his laundry.

Robin Ford was stunned to find the massive diamond python curled up along his basement door in Sydney, Australia.

The terrifying reptile was curled up on the top of the door as its tail slinked around the front of the frame.

The python, which is not venomous, was safely removed and later relocated into nearby bushland.

The image emerged on Facebook and received a mixed reaction from social media users.

One said: "Scary for me. But happy he or she has been re-homed."

Another said: "Omg I would have a heart attack."

But a third wrote: "What a magnificent animal, I'm envious."

Australia has around 140 species of land snakes. The diamond python can grow up to four metres long while weighing up to 15kg.

Thankfully for Mr Ford, the species, like all pythons, is non-venomous and is generally considered to be one of the most placid snakes found in Australia, rarely hissing at or threatening people.

It comes after shoppers in Australia found a venomous snake in a bag of supermarket lettuce.

The juvenile pale-headed snake was tucked into a two-pack of cos lettuce purchased by Alexander White and his partner Amelie Neate from an Aldi supermarket in Sydney.

Mr White said: "It was moving around and flicking its little tongue out. It was actually its tongue which let me know it wasn’t a giant worm.

"I would have been more comfortable with a worm, to be honest."

According to the Australian Museum, pale-headed snakes are a "shy but nervous species, easily agitated if cornered".

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