Man made neighbours life a misery by blaring out James Blunt non-stop from home

A man made his neighbour's life a living hell by playing loud James Blunt music on repeat at his home.

Mark Carey, from Plymouth, Devon, blasted out music by the 'You're Beautiful' singer – causing nearby residents to lose sleep and suffer from stress, fatigue and anxiety.

But when neighbours approached him at his property about the issue, they say they were hurled with abuse in response.

The case was heard at Plymouth Magistrates Court in Mr Carey's absence on Monday November 15.

Carey has been ordered to pay over £1,400 in compensation to his neighbour.

Environmental Health Officers also obtained a warrant and then seized three TVs, speakers and other music equipment from his home – all of which has been permanently forfeited.

Magistrates found Carey guilty of breaching a Community Protection Notice and fined him £660.

They also ordered him to pay costs of £699.70 and a £66 victim surcharge.

Councillor John Riley, Cabinet member for Community Safety, said: "Everyone has the right to live quietly in their own home, which is why we will not hesitate to bring prosecutions against people who try and take that right away from their neighbours.

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"I hope now that the defendant’s neighbours will finally have some peace."

In a similar case, 83-year-old Ian Trainer was sentenced early last year to 24 weeks in jail for playing Classic FM at home at a volume "above talking level."

He was put behind bars on February 6 after he was found to have breathed a condition of a restraining order.

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However, upon his release the pensioner was jailed again for continuing to breach the order.

Trainer, from Eton Drive, Aintree, was given a restraining order in 2019 which prohibited him from playing – between the hours of 9am and 10pm – “any audio at a volume above normal talking level” which was considered to be above 65 decibels.

However despite having previously been jailed for the same offence, on his release Trainer continued to play loud music.

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