Man high on mushrooms wreaks havoc on plane and assaults flight attendant

A man who took magic mushrooms before boarding a plane caused a calamity and assaulted at least two people while under the influence.

Cherruy Sevilla allegedly "yelled, exhibited disturbing/uncontrolled behavior, and assaulted at least two individuals" including staff members on the ill-fated United Airlines flight on Tuesday (October 4).

He later confessed to taking the drug after FBI agents pounced on him at Dulles Airport in Virginia, US, where the plane landed after a two-hour flight.

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Sevilla, who said he had taken magic mushrooms before, admitted he "was not totally surprised that he acted this way after consuming" the hallucinogen.

The ordeal began about one hour after the plane took off, according to court documents filed on Wednesday (October 5).

The man, from Miami, Florida, reportedly started "wandering around the plane, running up and down the aisle, clapping loudly near the cockpit, and yelling obscenities," the documents claimed.

Sevilla also allegedly "broke a small plastic piece off the bathroom door" and opened it while another passenger was using the facilities.

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In a creepy turn, Sevilla also got in other passengers' faces, staring and smiling at them.

One father and daughter pair were even moved after he grabbed the woman's arm, the documents claimed.

When asked to take a seat, Sevilla refused and decided to lie on the floor of the plane instead.

At that point a flight attendant "calmly" requested that he return to his seat, prompting Sevilla to "grab and twist" her breast, which caused other passengers, including an on-board law enforcement officer, to restrain the drugged-up man.

During the struggle, Sevilla reportedly twisted a second staff member's arm.

He spent the rest of the flight screaming profanities under the watchful eye of the officer and a flight attendant, and the ordeal finally came to an end with Sevilla being placed in handcuffs while he shouted "incoherent things," it was reported.

Speaking to NBC news, United Airlines said: "We’d like to thank our crew for handling this difficult situation with professionalism.

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"We also followed up with our crew members to make sure they were ok."

Sevilla was arrested and taken in for questioning by the FBI, where he admitted to taking drugs at Miami International Airport before boarding the flight, authorities said.

He claimed he remembered "being out of his seat, being loud, and touching people" during the flight and apologised for his poor behaviour.


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